Compliance and Safety Training

Staff with over 30 years of combined training experience. This includes Safety, Compliance and Human Resources (behavioral and managerial) training for corporate, industrial and institutional clients.

Special focus on training Spanish-first-Language workers and staff. Customized lesson plans, Power Point presentations and oral presentations in fluent Spanish by bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff.

Translation services available.

Subjects and Classes presented in English and Fluent Spanish:

  • First Aid
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Working in the Heat – Stroke prevention
  • Care for the Back – Proper lifting
  • Exsersise and Streaching can prevent injuries
  • Safety when using Chemicals
  • Safety in the Work and Tool shop
  • Fire Safety, Extinguishers and Evacuation
  • Earthquake Safety, Preparedness and Evacuation
  • Safely working with Fuels and Cumbustible
  • Safety and the Workman Utility Vehicle
  • Safety and the Fairway Mower
  • Golf and Workplace Etiquette
  • General Workplace Safety
  • Leadership, Abilities and Responsabilities
  • Insubordination
  • Sexual Harassment

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