Most recently, states have taken a posture of placing the responsibility for contractor workforce underpayment squarely on the contracting agency, if the contractor in violation cannot meet the underpayment demand.Furthermore, here in California there have been significant recent changes brought on by the current State government administration affecting the prevailing wage requirements. The Casamar team is very familiar with these changes as well as the California and Federal (Davis-Bacon Act) labor code and regulations, having provided these services on over $2.5 billion of projects, in Southern California alone.

Furthermore, the Casamar staff has extensive experience in Contract Labor Compliance monitoring and enforcement, having worked closely the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) as well as the contracting and labor communities in provided these services on California public works infrastructure projects ranging from a few million dollars for local municipalities and schools, to $300 million and $1.7 billion for the Pasadena Blue/Gold Line (four design-build projects) and the Alameda Corridor respectively.

Additionally, Casamar staff has been involved in resolving sensitive construction contract matters pertaining to jurisdictional disputes, coverage, prevailing wage and force majeure issues; and enjoys the professional respect of both labor unions as well as the contracting community. Many of our projects included federal funds and were subject to the Davis-Bacon labor and EEO/AA (outreach) requirements and regulations.


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