Casamar Group’s approach to community involvement consists of the early and thorough identification of public issues, addressing those issues as they arise, and the incorporation, where feasible, of these issues in the development of project alternatives. Casamar staff is especially effective in Environmental Justice issues during pre-design, design and construction relative to public infrastructure projects. Its staff has designed and facilitated workshops, focus groups, and marketing programs for a variety of public infrastructure and civic projects.


Casamar has experience working with local agencies, key political leaders, project stakeholders, and special interest and community groups. For our community outreach forums and field labor audit efforts, our staff uses its bi-lingual (Spanish) capabilities as needed. Our comprehensive outreach services include, but are not limited to the following:



  • Public, Stakeholder and Community Outreach
  • Small, Local and Disadvantaged Business Outreach
  • Stakeholder Identification and Management
  • Safety Training
  • Marketing & Information Gathering
  • Workforce & EEO Outreach
  • Environmental Justice
  • NEPA, CEQA (EIR) Outreach Support
  • Training & Facilitating
  • Good Faith Effort Compliance

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